Islands for youngsters

              Plaża w Świnoujściu    

A WIDE AND SAFE BEACH – a place to rest and have fun. Bathing in the sea and building sand castles are only some of the precious memories which children bring from Świnoujście. Our beach (one of the widest and cleanest in Poland), our shallow coast line and our long guarded beach section ensure a memorable stay. more>>                     

 Plac zabaw

PLAYGROUNDS AND SPORTS FACILITIES.Both children and young people can spend their free time actively using the playgrounds and the sports facilities, located in various parts of the city. This active time starts at the local beaches, where children can have a lot of fun on its jumping pads, trampolines, slides, pitches and playgrounds. more>>

 Twierdza na wyspach

ICATION WALLS in the Isles of Usedom and Wolin, currently functioning as a distinguished tourist product otherwise known as “The Island Stronghold,” constitute a complex of military monuments that are truly unique on a global scale. more>>

 Plac edukacji

THE NATURAL EDUCATION SQUARE. While visiting the Isle of Karsibór, it is well-worth visiting the public natural education square. This is comprised of three zones: educational, fitness and recreational.


NATURE MONUMENTS. "The Buccaneers", "The Sailors" or "The Two Captains" are some of the names given to the innumerable beautiful trees and shrubs which you will find in Świnoujście. Not all of them are designated nature monuments, but it is worth taking a walk around the city to see them.


THE LIGHTHOUSE. While staying in Świnoujście, it cannot be missed. This is the highest construction of this kind (68 m) on the Baltic seaside. Upon ascending its 308 steps, you can admire breath-taking views of Świnoujście, the harbour and the sea.


THE MARITIM FISHING MUSEUM. The exhibits on display at the museum include a variety of sea and ocean species of fauna and flora, navigational equipment and fishing boat models, and many more things.

 Zagroda żubrów

AT THE NEIGHBOURS. The Butterfly Farm, the Up-side-down House, the Bison’s Pen and many more attractions await you on the German side of the Isle of Usedom.

 Zielony pociąg
THE ŚWINOUJŚCIE EXPRESS. There are many ways to see the city. One of them is taking a green train ride.

HORSE RIDING. A horseback adventure and a ride guided by a professional instructor will certainly form long-lasting memories amongst the youngest visitors.


THE SWIMMING POOL/HOT SPRINGS. Having fun in the water, not only in the sea, is what both children and adults truly love.


A CRUISE SHIP TRIP is another attraction offered to children staying in Świnoujście. They can sail out to the sea, or even go on a short cruise around the harbour. An adventure like this will provide an unforgettable lifelong experience. more>>

ROPES COURSE. A walk high above the ground, a surge of adrenaline, and looking from high up. Safe outdoor entertainment.more>>

   OCEANARIUM. Discover the fabulous world of coral reefs, dangerous sharks, morayas and other predators from the seas and oceans of the world. For an unforgettable experience invites oceanarium! more>>
 MIRRORS LABYRINTH. This amazing attraction was made up of 200 mirrors. Walk around the labyrinth will provide fantastic fun for the whole family, do you find the way to the exit? more>>


This is the first Parrots House in the city.
You can see the 80 kind of colorful, exotic and friendly to people parrots.
You can stay in here how long you want to. more>>

Colouring book to download


SZEROKA, BEZPIECZNA PLAŻA- miejsce zabaw i wypoczynku

Kąpiele w morzu, budowle z piasku to tylko niektóre z wspomnień jakie dzieci przywożą z pobytu w Świnoujściu.

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