The Maritim Fishing Museum

This museum holds the oldest and largest piranha in Poland, and perhaps even in Europe. A huge conger eel that scared the fishermen, specimens of fauna and flora from all the seas and oceans, navigational equipment and models of fishing ships are only some of the pieces you will be able to see in the museum.

The piranha in the aquarium of the museum in Świnoujście has lived there for 18 years and is about 20 years old. It does not like company, and museum employees have had problems with keeping the piranha calm. However, with the disappearance of all the other fish from the common aquarium, the piranha can now enjoy some majestic isolation.

The museum has changed the arrangement of the aquaria for exotic fish. Most likely, at the end of August the exposition will be enriched by a nemo fish.

One of the most precious fish in the collection is a conger eel. This predator lives in the North Sea, however, it was caught by local fishermen in the Szczecin Lagoon. It is 1.7 m long and scared them enough to think that they caught a sea monster. However, the caught specimen turned out to be dead. It has been perfectly preserved and can be viewed without fear.


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