Events in 2017

  Bike Świnoujście
April 22.
The aim of the event, planned to open the bicycle season with Critical Mass by passing through the city by a large number of riders, is to draw drivers’ attention to riders being equal participants in road traffic. After
the Mass Even - at Promenade next to the Concert Shell - will be organized a cycling festival, during which cyclists can participate in games addressed to them. Riders will also have the possibility to tag their bicycles there.

  The May Day Picnic on the Islands of Świnoujście
April 30.- May 3.
The planned open-air events will satisfy expectations of both, people interested in active leisure, and those preferring calm relax. The May Day Picnic Programme includes, among others: concerts, shows, exhibitions, workshops and entertainment for children. As it was up to now, during the May Day Picnic will be held races celebrating the 3rd May Constitution with distances adjusted for various age and skill groups.
    Cultural Summer of Świnoujście
June – September
Cultural Summer is a series of events taking place during the summer season in the amphitheatre and concert shell. Among other elements of the varied programme should be named theatre performances and concerts carried out by singers and bands, pop and classical music performers and leading Polish cabarets’ performances. Numerous audience is attracted by performances of concert bands and the Military Orchestra from Świnoujście.
  Babolat ITF Seniors Swinoujscie – Ahlbeck – ITF Seniors International Tennis Tournament
June 01. – 06.
This international tournament is the only one in the world that is played in two countries at the same time: in Świnoujście in Poland and Ahlbeck in Germany. Every year players from Poland, Germany and Sweden are attracted to participate in this event. Female and male players compete in age categories from 35+ to 85+. Since 2016 this tennis tournament is classified as Grade 2 of the ITF championship events.more>>

 Śwsinoujskie Wieczory Organowe   The 17th International Music Festival, Organ Nights in Świnoujście
June 16. – September 01.
Festival organized by the Świnoujście’s Friends Association aims to popularize organ music, both from past and modern times. An enrichment to organ concerts during the festival gives the accompaniment by other instruments, such as: violins, Pan flutes, trumpets or flutes. The festival concerts evoke beautiful sound of the unique and historical instrument, that is the organs in the Church of Christ the King.
Concerts take place each Friday, from June to the beginning of September, at 7 p.m. in the Church of Christ the King at 1 Kościelny Square.
    Sea Days
June 23. – 25.
The Sea Days Programme includes concerts of Polish Pop Stars, exhibitions of a maritime character, competitions and play-activities for children. Ships of the Polish Navy decorated with a banner gala are available for visitors, due to the Navy’s anniversary party celebration.
  Polish Sailing League Regatta – Polish Sailing Championships amongst Yacht Clubs
June 24. - 25.
During the season, the most preeminent yacht clubs in Poland meet on various waters and compete for the top honours and awards. The sole national sailing league regatta gathers participants from 18 sailing clubs from the entire country. For the season, there are planned four series to be held in Szczecin, Świnoujście, Gdynia and Sopot, during which the best team will win the Polish Yacht Club Championship. The spectacular regatta will be able to be seen from banks of the Pomeranian Bay or Świna Rivera.more>>
    Maritime Celebrity Tennis Tournament
July 01. – 02.
At the beginning of July, you will have a chance to cheer famous actors, sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as, known celebrities. The tournament is played in a great sports rivalry atmosphere – not being devoid of funny moments and comments.
  Inaugural Concert
July 2.
The Marek Grechuta Amphitheatre is a great place to greet the summer season in town. Residents and holiday-makers resting at that time in Świnoujście will have the opportunity to participate in a concert with stars of Polish music scene, offering rich summer repertoire.
  Women’s Summer City
July 10. – 14.
The event is for the most part aimed at women. In the seaside of the festival town will be held workshops, training, consultations, meetings and thematic-events, among which are such topics as: health and beauty, sport, arts and culture, or business. A sort of good entertainment, concerts, performances and exhibitions are also planned to be held. During workshops and training, your kids will receive care provided by specially qualified animators.
    Grechuta Festival
August 01. – 06.
The Festival is held in memory of Marek Grechuta, who is associated with Świnoujście by the FAMA Festival, where he took his first steps on the stage. It is an overview of the most valuable artistic events from various fields of art. Grechuta Festival is not just fostering the outstanding artist in memory but raising the best practices to be followed by younger generation, as well. During these days, Świnoujście will host artists and people with life passion and curiosity for the world.
The 17th Unity Line Regatta
August 12.
Świnoujście Harbour will be the starting line for the regatta whose finish line will be closed on May 14th in Dziwnów. In the past, the Regatta was an event which brought together 20 yachts, and nowadays, it turned out to be a competition, in which more than 100 yachts with over 400 sailors from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Denmark compete at one time. So large number of units sailing together on the water, makes a spectacular show for people standing on the beach. more>>