Health resort protection areas

Pursuant to the Minister of Health’s decision of 25.11.2008 it was confirmed that the Świnoujście health resort is entitled to operating health resort treatment institutions based on the natural healing properties. Pursuant to the above, special health resort protection zones called ‘the Nadmoska District’ have been established.

The Nadmorska District consists of 3 health resort protection zones – A, B and C.

strefy ochrony uzdrowiskowej        

The ‘A’ health resort protection zone with the area of 159 ha:

  • curative function, as one of the basic functions,
  • sanatorium and hotel-guesthouse premises with health resort functions


  • location of industrial premises,
  • building of one and multifamily residential units apart from modernisation of the already existing ones,
  • creating market places,
  • keeping farm animals,
  • llocation of petrol stations, landfills and combustible storages,
  • location of premises having a potential negative influence on the environment.

The ‘B’ health resort protection zone with the area of 173 ha:

  • fresidential function – one and multifamily with a full array of general urban services,
  • ommercial and services function,


  • expansion of already existing industrial premises,
  • location of commercial premises larger than 400 m2 with the auxiliary facilities,
  • location of petrol stations and devices emitting electromagnetic waves,
  • felling of forest and park trees.

The ‘C’ health resort protection zone with the area of 638 ha:

  • downtown residential function – multifamily premises,
  • general urban services function


  • felling trees
  • activities having a negative influence on the environment,
  • location of manufacturing plants and premises harmful to the natural environment.


A detailed map for download.


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