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About the city

Świnoujście ranks among the most attractive destinations on the Polish seacoast. Located at the north-western end of Poland, is the only Polish city located on several dozen islands.

Tourist Information

Dear Tourist, Welcome to Świnoujście – the Land of 44 Islands. We are glad that you have decided to visit our city. If you are facing the choice of accommodation for a weekend visit, or a longer stay, we remain at your disposal.

Cruises to the lighthouse

Thursday, 07.02.2013

Connecting the islands – such slogan guides our services provided on the new Rybaczówka catamaran. Since July 1st, it has operated between the islands of Uznam and Wolin. The target of these cruises is the lighthouse. The sailboat equipped with hybrid drive with solar turbocharging is financed from EU funds under the Operational Programme FISH supporting Sustainable Development of Fishery and Fishing Coastal Regions operated by the Local Fishery Group - “Szczecin Lagoon”.

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Friday, 15.02.2013

Świnoujście offers a diversified range of accommodation, both in terms of facility types, as well as standard and price. Our guests can choose from over 12 000 registered lodging places, available in hotels, boarding houses, recreation centres and guest rooms.

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The land of 44 islands

Friday, 08.06.2012

We warmly invite you to the Land of 44 Islands located in the north-west part of Poland, in the Zachodniopomorskie Region. ŚWINOUJŚCIE is situated in the Land of 44 Islands – it is the only place in Poland of such exceptional insular character. The Land consists of several dozens of islands and islets of which three are inhabited. Those are – Uznam, Wolin, Karsibór.

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