Walking and jogging

The Land of 44 Islands is a real paradise for the lovers of Nordic walking. The wide several-kilometres-long beaches in the Isle of Usedom, on both the Polish and German sides of the border, are undoubtedly the most suitable venue to practise this sport.

The huge Spa Park, located between the Seaside District and the city centre, also encourages you to take a long walk, even in windy weather. While in the park, you will have a wonderful opportunity to explore Nature, including seeing a number of rare trees and shrubs. The forest area, connected with the forest growing in the German part of Usedom, constitutes another exceptional location to practice Nordic walking. Indeed, a while back, two running and walking paths were marked up in the forest at Moniuszki Street. These are intended for all of course, not just for Nordic walkers alone.

In addition, by taking the seaside path along the Isle of Wolin, or the cycling lane R-10 that leads through the forest, you can reach the neighbouring city of Międzyzdroje.

In the Isle of Usedom, on the German side of the border, several routes have been established and dedicated to this sports discipline. Walkers usually set out from the entry to the beach, situated on the left side of the Heringsdorf pier, which features an information plate describing the routes available. One of these runs through the beach towards Świnoujście, and then through the neighbouring forests, extending between the Polish holiday resort and Ahlbeck. The spatial diversification in the German part of Usedom, comprising innumerable hills and cliffs, provides exceptional conditions for more advanced Nordic walkers, while at the same time offering breath-taking views.

The same routes can also be used by joggers, both practising individually or participating in various events organised by the “Jogging” Club. Each year, the Club organises several dozen races – from short-distance ones to semi-marathons. A detailed event schedule is available at: www.jogging.e-swinoujscie.pl.

The Land of 44 Islands is perfect for active people. Come and join us!




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