The geographic location of Świnoujście, combined with the diversity and attractiveness of the local water areas, creates exceptional conditions for sea and inland sailing. Experienced sailors, willing to explore open water areas, can sail out from Świnoujście to the Baltic Sea. Szczecińskie Lake connects the surrounding Polish and German ports and marinas, while the Stara Świna lakes and pools are ideal training venues for less advances sailors. Located at a short distance from Germany and Scandinavia, Świnoujście provides a myriad of opportunities for Polish sailors, and is an inviting port for German and Scandinavian ones.

Our modern yacht port in Świnoujście can accommodate approximately 350 vessels. This is the largest one on the Polish coast within the Northern region (53°54′48″N 14°16′8″E). ( Sheltered from open water, the yacht port is situated in the north-east of the city, on the Isle of Usedom, in the vicinity of the Spa Park and the 19th Century fortifications. In addition, it is only a short distance from the city centre. The high standards of service in this yacht port have been confirmed by the awarding of the prestigious international quality sign, referred to as the Blue Flag.

Each summer, Świnoujście hosts a number of regatta, which attract dozens of participants. The more important events include the 'Days of the Sea Regatta', the 'Tourist Regatta' and the 'Unity Line Regatta'. Larger vessels can also be seen during the annual sailing event, known as 'Sail Świnoujście', which takes place in August. A cruise on a sailing ship is an inimitable opportunity for all landlubbers to experience a fascinating sea adventure. The spread sun-bleached sails, the drifting vessels and crews working hard onboard, create an unforgettable image that will be frequently recalled by tourists long after they leave Świnoujście.






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