International cooperation

Thanks to the active international cooperation of Świnoujście with cities such as Nordenham and the Heringsdorf Commune in Germany, Ystad in Sweden, and Svetly in Russia, favourable conditions for economic, tourist, cultural, and scientific exchange are being developed, while the city has assumed the role of an important and recognised centre in the region. Świnoujście is also an active member of the Pomerania Euroregion.

Since Świnoujście is a city whose history, economy, and culture are closely tied to the Baltic sea and the Baltic countries, it is also the region with the most fruitful international cooperation. Another excellent example of cooperation is the
“Four Corners” programme promoting the development of tourism, transport, and cultural and youth exchange between Southeast Skåne (Sweden), Bornholm (Denmark), Rügen (Germany), and Świnoujście.

European distinctions awarded to Świnoujście

Each year the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe bestows honours on outstanding Local and Regional Governments for their contributions to promoting European ideas, cooperation between partner cities, pro-European events, international exchange, etc. The Assembly makes four awards: the European Diploma, the Flag of Honour, the Plaque of Honour, and the highest distinction - the Europe Prize - granted only to one City/Local Government in a given year. On 27 June 2002 the Palace of Europe in Strasbourg (France) hosted the ceremony of granting our city the European Diploma of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Another distinction – the Flag of Honour of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was awarded to Świnoujście in April 2005 for pro-European activities in 2002-2004. The ceremony of presenting the Flag of Honour took place on 24 June 2005 during the Official Session of the City Council, within the framework of the celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of Polish Świnoujście. The flag was presented to Mayor Janusz Żmurkiewicz by Wilfried Böhm, honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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