Encounters with Nature

         Park Zdrojowy                

THE SPA PARK. Prior to granting the municipal charter, the park area was covered with vast sandbanks, flooded with water and dotted with gnarled pine trees. As a result of extensive hydro-technical work, the entire area was transformed into the so-called new land, reinforced with shrub and tree plantations. more>>

 Pomniki przyrody

NATURE MONUMENTS. Świnoujście is full of trees and shrubs that have been registered as nature monuments. There is also a wide variety of rare ornamental and exotic plants of impressive sizes. Peter Joseph Lenne, a Royal Gardens architect, who at the outset of the 19th Century, designed the Spa Park, also exerted his influence on the other green areas in the city. more>>

 Wsteczna Delta Świny  

THE INVERTED DELTA OF THE ŚWINA RIVER covers an area of over 3000 ha of dumpy and marshy islands, fens and tidal waters, forming part of Szczecińskie Lake. This picturesque archipelago of wet and boggy islands, cut by innumerable straits and canals, is nationally unique. more>>

 Rezerwat Karsiborskie Paprocie

THE KARSIBÓR FERNS RESERVE.The “Karsibór Ferns” Reserve, with an area of almost 38 ha, contains many over 2-metre-high fern species, including by and large, the protected Old World Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis). more>>

 Wyspa Karsibór

KARSIBÓR – THE GREEN ISLAND.The Isle of Karsibór is the smallest (14 km²) among the inhabited islands of Świnoujście. It was formed as a result of the digging of the Piastowski Canal in 1876 – 1888, for the length of 7.5 km, and came about by bisecting the south-eastern section of the Isle of Usedom. more>>

 Plac edukacji przyrodniczej

THE NATURAL EDUCATION SQUARE. While visiting the Isle of Karsibór, it is worth seeing the Natural Education Square, located at 3-Maja Street (near the branch office of the Municipal Culture Centre). It is open to the public and comprises three zones: educational, fitness and recreational. more>>

 Rezerwat Ptaków Karsiborska Kępa

THE BIRDS SANCTUARY IN KARSIBORSKA KĘPA.All nature lovers would probably like to encounter the Northern shoveller, or the strangely-looking Ruff or black stork. While in Świnoujście, when making your own ornithological discoveries, you only need a pair of wellingtons and a set of good field-glasses. more>>


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