Karsibór - The Green Island

The Isle of Karsibór is the smallest (14 km²) among the inhabited islands of Świnoujście. It was formed as a result of the digging of the Piastowski Canal in 1876 – 1888, for the length of 7.5 km, and came about by bisecting the south-eastern section of the Isle of Usedom. This has considerably facilitated and shortened the sailing to Szczecin. In honour of Emperor Frederic William III, the Canal was originally named “Kaiserfahrt”. Karsibór, together with the settlement operating under the same name, having around 1000 inhabitants, is a green oasis of peace, with unique natural values. Indeed, some people call these areas “the Wolin Polesie”,  as they resemble the swamps over the Prypeć river. The Isle is planted with impressive oaks which are referred to by the local people as “the trees of Gustav Adolf”. The story has it that the Swedish king used to eat breakfast in the shade these huge trees cast.

A visit to the Isle is a way out from the city hustle and bustle. It enables one to regain contact with Nature and offers a great opportunity to explore it.




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