The Natural Education Square

While visiting the Isle of Karsibór, it is worth seeing the Natural Education Square, located at 3-Maja Street (near the branch office of the Municipal Culture Centre). It is open to the public and comprises three zones: educational, fitness and recreational. The educational zone provides a number of games and information plates, reflecting the wealth of the Karsibór flora and fauna, as well as its history.

The fitness zone is comprised of playground facilities for children and young people of all  ages, while the recreational zone features benches and a roofed arbour. The facilities are mostly made of wood, which matches the style of the surrounding area.This is an ideal place to rest while visiting the Isle.

The Natural Education Square was constructed as part of the Polish and German joint project, entitled Natural Attractions in the Isles of Usedom and Karsibór, co-financed under the Operational Programme, Objective 3 “European Territorial Cooperation” – “Cross-Border Cooperation Between the Countries of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Brandenburg and Polish Republic (Western Province) 2007-2013.



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