A wide and safe beach

A WIDE AND SAFE BEACH – a place to rest and have fun

Bathing in the sea and building sand castles are only some of the precious memories which children bring from Świnoujście. Our beach (one of the widest and cleanest in Poland), our shallow coast line and our long guarded beach section ensure a memorable stay. The central part of the beach features a modern life-guard station, where our fully-trained professionals supervise the safety of sunbathers and swimmers. Tourists visiting our beach can also rent various beach and swimming equipment, including deckchairs, sun baskets, boats and kayaks. Moreover, our playgrounds, jumping pads and slides, along with our volleyball, football and badminton pitches, are eagerly used by family-visitors.

While walking our beach, we recommend you search for shells thrown out by the sea waves. They exhibit a multitude of colours, patterns, shapes and specific features, providing exceptional mementos for your home collection. The most frequent finds include the Baltic shellfish (Cerastoderma glaucum, Baltic macoma), soft-shell clams and blue mussels. If you are lucky enough, shells of Hydrobia ventrosa can also be found. After stormy weather, you may additionally go searching for amber, referred to as 'Baltic gold'. Both shells and amber brought from the seaside will keep your holiday memories alive.

Doesn't feeling the sea breeze make you want to start flying your own colourful kite? A competition in kite flying gives a lot of great fun to the entire family.

The city port operates various types of vessels. A wide range of commercial ships, passenger ferries heading to Scandinavia, yachts sailing in and out the port, tug boats and the pilot boats  accompanying large vessels, can be seen right from the beach. While standing on the pier, you can watch them at a short distance, almost at arm’s length





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