Playgrounds ans sports facilities

Both children and young people can spend their free time actively using the playgrounds and the sports facilities, located in various parts of the city. This active time starts at the local beaches, where children can have a lot of fun on its jumping pads, trampolines, slides, pitches and playgrounds. What is more, in the seaside district, next to the swimming pool at Żeromskiego Street, there is a Pirates Town that features wooden facilities resembling a pirate ship. The soft sandy ground makes the place very safe for all youngsters. Opposite the concert bowl, the youngest children will also find a great deal of swinging and jumping equipment.

The old Spa Park with its beautiful alleys is a wonderful place to rest and relax during the dog-days of summer, but the park section at the junction of Chrobrego and Sienkiewicza streets is intended for active people. The training equipment, available in the so-called outdoor gyms, is often used by both parents and children. There is also a football pitch and a multi-purpose pitch where you can play volleyball, basketball or badminton.At Mieszka I Street is located playground for older children. Swings and equipments are designed for family fun.

Another playground, this one for the youngest children, has a number of wooden facilities laid out upon its soft sandy ground, and is situated at Krzywoustego Street.

Large housing estate playgrounds, equipped with diversified playground facilities, can be found in the housing estate of “Leningrady,” at Matejki Street, also near Malczewskiego Street,and next to the Primary School nr 1 at Narutowicza Street 10 and also next to the Primary School nr 6 at Staszica Street 17 and in the right-bank part of Świnoujście, at Barlickiego Street.At the Warszów is also located playground "Pirate adventure" next to the House of Culture at Sosnowa Street 18.

The Orlik pitch of Public Junior High School No. 2, located at 11, Kościuszki Street, with its synthetic surface, invites all sports lovers to play matches and attend sports events.

The Skate Park, open to the general public, is situated at 17 a, Matejki Street, behind the tennis hall.

Extreme sports lovers are encouraged to visit our Line Park (four routes with various levels of difficulty). The Bluszcz Line Park is located at Matejki Street, opposite the tennis courts.

In bad weather, you can opt for the Cuda na Kiju playroom, located opposite the Church of Christ the King on Marynarzy Street 7 or also in Mini Club playroom at Wojska Polskiego Street 1/19.

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