Events in 2018

Events in 2018


        Girls' Race
11 March
A recreational race. An event organised for Women's Day of a sports and recreational nature. It's primarily for girls and women, but is also for gentlemen who will be allowed to participate after dressing up as the “fair sex”. After the main race, there will be a fun race – A Race in Stiletto Shoes on the Promenade for a distance of 100 m, the only condition is to have such heeled shoes.more>>         Świnoujście on Bicycles
21 April
Świnoujście is a cyclist-friendly city with cycling routes and paths connecting with their German counterparts, thus making it possible for you to see all of Usedom. The notion of kicking off the cycling season with critical mass, which means having a significant number of bikes passing through the city, is intended to draw attention to cyclists as road users with equal rights. After the ride, there will be a cycling fair during which you will have an opportunity to take part in games prepared for cyclists and to have your bike marked.         The May Picnic
28 April - 6 May
Holidays in May are an excellent opportunity to spend free time with family, children and friends.
Various sports, cultural and recreational events are organised during this time by the municipal institutions and associations of Świnoujście. The family fairs, cycling tours, concerts, exhibitions, shows, workshops – all will satisfy those who like active recreation, as well as those who prefer calmer relaxation. Furthermore, traditionally, during the first weekend in May, races will be organised to celebrate the 3rd of May Constitution. The distances will be adjusted to the age and experience of participants.         Orienteering
Going cycling with the whole family, a group of friends or your class will be a great experience during the rally organised by the Usedom Sports Club. Each of the participants will get a map with indicated checkpoints, and will have to travel the set route. The routes are divided into three categories depending on their difficulty: for families with children, adolescents and adults, and advanced cyclists, and are run on the Polish side of Usedom.more>>           Cultural Summer in Świnoujście
June – September
A series of summer events are organised under this banner in the amphitheatre and the concert bowl. Its diverse schedule includes theatrical performances, concerts given by vocalists and bands playing both classical and pop music, and leading Polish sketch comedy performers. Brass bands and the Świnoujście Military Orchestra performances attract wide audiences.         Days of the Sea
22-24 June
As befits a maritime holiday, there will be emotions stirred that are connected with sailing aplenty. The Days of the Sea regatta that is organised in the Bay of Pomerania, as well as other maritime competitions and exhibitions, guarantee a unique experience for sailing lovers. The event also includes in its schedule concerts by stars of Polish entertainment, as well as competitions and activities for children. During the Days of the Sea, the Navy make its vessels available for the public to celebrate its holiday. The ships will be adorned with a flag display.         The Babolat ITF Seniors Świnoujscie – Ahlbeck Tournament
01 - 06 June
This is the only tournament of this kind in the world that takes place in two countries at the same time: Świnoujście in Poland and Ahlbeck in Germany. Every year, it attracts players from Poland, Germany and Sweden. The players compete in age categories ranging from 35+ to 85+. It has been a Grade 2 ITF tournament since 2016.

        Świnoujście Match Race, Grade 3, 6th round of the European Match Race Tour
22 - 24 June
A regatta for advanced and professional match racing teams. International umpires and top competitors guarantee the highest level of this event. It is another show of emotional water duels by the best match racers, and will guarantee a thrilling experience for residents and tourists alike. You can watch this incredible regatta unfold on the shores of the Bay of Pomerania or the bank of the Świna.more>>           The 20th International Music Festival “Organ Evenings in Świnoujście”
15 June – 31 July
This anniversary edition of the Festival will be organised by the Świnoujście’s Friends Association, and will feature well-known Polish and international performers. Sacral and classical pieces, as well as lighter tunes played on the pipe organ alone or accompanied by other instruments, promote older and contemporary music. The original sound of the unique, historic instrument, i.e. the pipe organ in the Christ the King Church will long remain in the hearts of all those who will listen to the concerts taking place every Friday from June to the end of August, at 7 p.m. in the Christ the King Church, at Kościelny Square 1.more>>           Maritime Tennis Tournaments
of the Stars
30 June – 01 July
It has been a long-standing tradition that TV stars start the summer season in Świnoujście. Famous actors, sketch comedy artists, sportspeople and front-page celebrities - all compete against one another on courts. The games, which take place in a sporting atmosphere, offer a brimful of amusing moments and comments. All spectators can cheer for their on-screen favourites.           Sand Building Championships – Piacholepy
9 – 10 July
On the most beautiful and broadest beach in Poland, the builders will have unlimited resources - all they need is imagination and hands ready for work. Every year, many new teams join the fun. Here, colleagues, friends and families from the whole of Poland create sand sculptures, while having the time of their lives. The competition is organised in two categories: children up to 16 years of age and the OPEN category.           Grechuta Festival
28 July – 4 August
During the festival, it is not only fans of Marek Grechuta’s work who can participate in the many events connected with the artist. This multifaceted endeavour truly showcases the diversity of Marek Grechuta’s oeuvre, and those who take part. Performers are all eager to use the artist's works, not only to cultivate his memory, but also to pass on best practices to younger generations. In addition to performances, exhibitions, screenings and meetings, it is music that prevails here – and while leading artists will come to the city of forty-four islands to take part, there is also room for beginners. One of the friends of the City of Świnoujście is Danuta Grechuta, the wife of the artist, and she too is a long time participant in the festival. Most of the concerts will take place in a scene which harkens back to the artist’s beginnings – the Marek Grechuta Amphitheatre.         The 19th Baltic Polonez Cup Race 2018
11 – 18 August
A prestigious sports sailing event, this sees the participation of the leading ocean and seagoing sailors. This event has become a major Baltic ballasted sailboat regatta. For those who love sailing, this is an opportunity to see famous skippers and their yachts. The regatta will run along the Świnoujście – Christianso – Świnoujście route. Vessels entering and leaving the port will be visible from the city's breakwaters and from the beach.more>>           48. FAMA – The International Artistic Campus
Second half of August
FAMA bursts with the energy of the young people who come to Świnoujście to hone their skills, passions and competencies under the guidance of teachers and masters. During the campus, they will engage in projects in various fields of art. These will result in exhibitions, performances, concerts, happenings and animations for children and adults. Meanwhile, Świnoujście will resound with music of various styles and tempt you with colourful images recorded on various media, as well as created live in front of viewers. Of note: most of Poland's musicians, singers, actors, dancers, journalists, photographers, artists, performers, visual artists, writers and poets, art critics, and cultural and stage managers have started their careers at FAMA.more>>           10. Sail Świnoujście
and the 34th Maritime Music Festival “Wiatrak 2018”
17 – 19 August
Majestic sailing ships and smaller vessels moored at Władysław IV Coast, sailing commands resounding from the decks, and sea shanties sung around, leave no doubt that a great celebration of the people of the sea is taking place in Świnoujście. In this festival, everyone has an opportunity to set sail and get a taste of a sailor’s life. Sailing at sunset on vessels participating in the parade will be a true treat. This is usually accompanied by sea shanty concerts, often resulting in ship decks becoming dance floors.
The scene set on the premises of the accompanying fair attracts all those who wish to listen to music of the people of the sea. The concerts take place during the “Wiatrak” Festival offer high-level sea shanties.more>>           International Day of Lighthouses
19 August
Neptune’s retinue going along the city streets, sea christening, a fair, activities for children, a picnic for adults, sightseeing of a lighthouse at night - these are only some of the offerings prepared for this day by the Association of Lighthouse Lovers. This cyclical event is celebrated on the third Sunday of August.          Bałtyk Bieszczady Tour 1008 km non stop
24 – 27 August
The tour is a ride between the two most distant towns in Poland – Świnoujście and Ustrzyki Górne, organised as a cycling marathon. The participants must finish the ride within a time limit of 72 hours. All who enter will compete in two categories – solo and open. On the day before the start, the participants will engage in a honorary ride along the city streets and join the second critical mass of 2018.more>>           25. Usedom Music Festival
22 September – 13 October
Due to this being the anniversary edition of the festival, its schedule is also special. The music of the Baltic countries will be presented during the festival. In its marvellous churches, splendid hotels and the hulking Peenemünde power station, music lovers will have an opportunity to listen to the Philharmonic Wind Quintet of the Berlin Philharmonic, the Swedish star, Anne Sofie von Otter, and the Baltic Philharmonic with Kristjan Järvi, as well as Gitte Hænning & Band from Denmark, and the Johann Strauss Orchestra Frankfurt, NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover and many more.more>>           The 39th Świnoujście – Wolgast Marathon, and 28th Half Marathon and the 3rd Relay
1 September
The marathon has, for years, attracted runners from Poland, Germany and other countries. The route of the marathon, from Świnoujście to Wolgast (Germany), along a seaside path and through Usedom, though beautiful and full of unforgettable sights, is, at the same time, very demanding. This marathon is special, as its route stretches out within two countries. A half marathon is organised simultaneously in Wolgast. Its route runs through the charming towns of Usedom, with the start and finish line in  the former duke’s town of Wolgast.more>>         The 5th Invasion of Winter Swimming Santas
Early December
Hot fun in a winter scenery! This is possible only thanks to the enthusiasts of winter swimming, who come to participate in the event from all around Poland and from the neighbouring German towns. Smiling Santas, snowflakes and elves, all take a dip. The fun does not end in the water, though, as more attractions wait on the beach. These include the Miss and Mister of Winter Swimming Santas , shows and quad bike rides.         The Holiday Fair
You can feel the holiday magic during the Holiday Fair in the city centre!  With the setting adorned by lights, garlands and Christmas trees, and accompanied by the tunes of Christmas carols, you will have an opportunity to taste the traditional delicacies: pierogi, bigos (hunter’s stew) and cake, as well as have the chance to buy holiday gifts.  Attractions for children include a visit of the Santa Claus, activities and games, and a Venetian Carousel.

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Cake shops


Asprod    ul. Grunwaldzka 97b/3
72-600 Świnoujście 
Tel. +48 533 315 701 Facebook

ul. Grunwaldzka 21
Tel. +48 519 315 658 ul. Szkolna 4
Tel. +48 519 315 659       Cake shop Karpatka   Boh. Września 13,
72-600 Świnoujście
Tel. +48 502 023 548 Facebook       Cake shop Janusz Juszczyk   ul. Wielkopolska 55,
72-600 Świnoujście
Tel. +48 91 327 08 09       Bakery– cake shop Kudła   ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 15,
72-600 Świnoujście
Tel. +48 91 327 95 98 Grunwaldzka 73, 
72-600 Świnoujście
Tel. +48 91 321 59 52        Bakery- cake shop Jarosław Węglarz   ul. Steyera 1,
72-600 Świnoujście
Tel.   +48 91 321 20 50, 
         +48 91 321 21 43 
         +48 604 11 11 59

Poin of sale: 
ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 27B        Fajne Babki
(made to order)   ul.Bohaterów Września 83/11,
72-600 Świnoujście Tel. +48 724 960 061

Facebook       Stara Pączkarnia
(doughnuts)   ul. Żeromskiego 79
72-600 Świnoujście

Tel. +48 508 577 886 
WWW       Pączkarnia Babci Janci
  ul. Boh. Września 3C
72-600 Świnoujście

Tel. +48 606 831 033      

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Climbing wall


    Climbing wall
in hotel Radisson Blu     Al. Baltic Park Molo 2
72-600 Świnoujście          15 zł/30 min. Tue. - Sat. 13:30 do 17:00      

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OCEANARIUM. Discover the fabulous world of coral reefs, dangerous sharks, morayas and other predators from the seas and oceans of the world. For an unforgettable experience invites oceanarium! Thanks to us you have the opportunity to face eye to face with the Blacktip shark or Nemo fish. Incredible live lessons only in Oceanarium. Under constant exposure we present a wide range of freshwater and saltwater tropical fish species (sharks, batoideas, morayas) and everything in the enchanting scenery of the aquatic environment. Shopping Center Promenada
Żeromskiego Street 9 Tel. 0048 518 972 472

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Mirrors labyrinth


MIRRORS LABYRINTH. This amazing attraction was made up of 200 mirrors. Walk around the labyrinth will provide fantastic fun for the whole family, do you find the way to the exit? The way the labyrinth was designed has the impression of endless corridors and optical illusions. Mirrors labyrinth
Uzdrowiskowa Street 9
72-600 Świnoujście Facebook
www Opening  hours: Every day  11:00 – 18:00
Entrance :
regular ticket 10 PLN
reduced ticket 8 PLN*
*school kids, retirees, pensioners

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Rio Parrots House


This is the first Parrots House in the city.
You can see the 80 kind of colorful, exotic and friendly to people parrots.
You can stay in here how long you want to.
You can give to them food, touch and take them a photo.

There is also Parrots House in Szczecin and Gorzów, enjoying the presence of local residents and tourists.
Now it`s also in Świnoujście. For the youngest prepared :
Fun area : with games and coloring book for everybody, and possibility to organized Birthday Party Safety area : with possibility to watch parrots through the glass. Rio Parrots House
Open every day 10:00-18:00
Kościuszki Street 9
Tel. 0048 510 803 999
Entrance :
regular ticket 18 PLN
reduced ticket 15PLN*
*kids, students, retirees, pensioners

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Holidays and festivities in Poland in 2017


Holidays and festivities in 2017   1 January (Sunday) New Years Day 6 January (Friday) Epiphany 16 April (Sunday) Easter 17 April (Monday) Easter Monday 1 May (Monday) Labour Day 3 May (Wednesday) Constitution Day 4 June (Sunday) Pentecost Sunday 15 June (Thursday) Corpus Christi 15 August (Tuesday) Assumption Day/ The Polish Army Day 1 November (Wednesday) All Saints Day 11 November (Saturday) Independence Day 25 December (Monday) Christmas Day 26 December (Tuesday) St. Stephen's Day

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in  Shopping Center CORSO ul. Dąbrowskiego 5
72-600 Świnoujście

phone number 91 321 28 40
reservation: 91 322 22 88 open:
Monday - Saturday: 9.00 - 21.00
Sunday: 10.00 - 20.00     Price: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Seans 2D : Normal: 25,90 zł, Discount: 20,90 zł Seans 3D : Normal: 27,90 zł, Discount: 22,90 zł Wednesday  Normal, Discount: 18,90 zł Friday, Saturday, Sunday Seans 2D : Normal: 26,90 zł, Discount: 21,90 zł Seans 3D : Normal: 28,90 zł, Discount: 23,90 zł glasses for 3D - 4 zł     KINO 360 XD
w Galerii Promenada ul. Żeromskiego 79
1. piętro Ph. +48 669 476 442 Facebook

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What about playing golf?


Staying in Świnoujscie means not only resting on the beach or being active on the islands. That means also a possibility of taking advantage of the attractions which are in the neighbouring cities. We have a good information for golf fans and for those who are willing to learn playing it. Near Świnoujście are three cities with golf field. You can choose between Kołczewo, which is 30 km from us or two cities in Germany: one in Korstwandt (8 km far) and Balm (24 km far). For more information please click here.

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Fall in love with Świnoujście


The lap of the waves, calm beach, people slowly walking, sunset far away and you do not need to hurry up anywhere – does it sound quite romantic? The destination of your walk is Stawa Młyny, popular windmill in Świnoujście. This place is magical not only because of its location – it is situated on the stony breakwater , but also thanks to the fact that it is one of the most favourite places for people who are in love. This is the place where you can sit and rest after walking, admire the beauty of nature – just stop for a while and enjoy the moment. People who still feel there is not enough romanticism in this area, must get to know that Stawa Młyny won plebiscite for the most romantic place in the region. It was organized by West Pomeranian Agency for Tourism Development. Come to our city, check the atmosphere yourself and… fall in love with Świnoujście…    

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