Świnoujście is considered a real fisherman's heaven. The local waters are home to innumerable species of freshwater, migratory and sea fish. This is where impressive specimens of sanders, breams and pike fish can be caught, especially in June and October., while the period from Spring to Autumn is best for perch and roach fishing. Indeed, 4-5 kg of these two species can be caught within as little as one hour. Eels floating down the Oder river basin are also frequently encountered at this time. Perches and burbots dominate at the turn of Autumn, together with flounders and plaices. You may also come across royal salmons and migratory Salmo trout, weighing up to 20 kg. In the shallow waters of the Świna strait, you can catch huge tench and crucian, both of the popular and silver type.

The more popular fishery areas are located in the Karsibór District, which houses fishing and riverside hostels. Przytor and Łunów are also worth visiting. The breakwaters at the Świna estuary, as well, will attract sea-loving fishermen. This area offers an exceptional fishing experience in going one on one with many species, including sea fish such as the viviparous eel-pout, the European flounder, and the garfish that appears only at the turn of the Spring herring season. If you are lucky enough, you will also spot shoals of herrings that can be caught in large numbers, using a bunch of fish-hooks or wet fly baits.

Fishing techniques, in the case of all predatory fish, make use of pilkers, twisters and animal baits, while Carp fishing involves a great variety of special baits as well. All this items are available in numerous fishing stores all over Świnoujście.

For both the hard-core and the occasional fisherman, there is a widely popular offering of summer fishing cruises in the Pomeranian Bay. These provide an exceptional opportunity to catch huge specimens of sanders, perches and breams, as well as flat fish and manta rays which are subject to strict protection. You may also encounter the common whitefish or the lumpfish.

Fishing from the beach, which combines sunbathing with active seaside recreation, will also provide an unforgettable experience. The best way to fish is to paddle across shallows, penetrating the water and the sea bottom with a heavy float-type fishing rod. Unfortunately, this fishing technique can only be employed in the summer period, with water temperatures exceeding  19 – 20 degrees. The best results are achieved right after sea storms.

When catching a fish specimen which is unknown to you, you should immediately release it back to the water. If you are interested in fishing in Świnoujście, we recommend a book by Wrzesław Mechło, entitled “The Nature of Pomeranian Islands” (the original Polish title: Przyroda pomorskich wysp), four chapters of which comprise a professional description of fishing equipment and techniques. The book also describes the great adventure which we experience while fishing.

Let us not forget that Świnoujście is a city located on the Baltic coast and on a few islands. It is full of forests, glades and many mysterious, gloomy yet attractive spots.

See you by the water!

The author: Wrzesław Mechło








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