Janusz Żmurkiewicz - Mayor

tel. (91) 321-27-80, fax (91) 321-59-95

Born on 25 July 1948 in Szczecinek.
He is a descendant of a Lviv family. His grandfather was an officer in the Border Protection Corps before World War 2 and was probably executed at Katyń.

His father, a railway employee, was a pioneer of the western lands.

After finishing Secondary Technical School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Szczecin he undertook studies at the Faculty of Transport Engineering and Economics  of the Szczecin University of Technology, graduating in 1973 with a MSc in engineering and economics

Since 1973 Janusz Żmurkiewicz has been continuously connected with Świnoujście, working as a Technical Department Manager at the TRANSBUD company, and from 1975 as the Manager of the Department of Transport in the City Hall.
1984 saw his first nomination for the position of Mayor of Świnoujście, making him the youngest Mayor in Poland.

Between 1989 and 1991 he worked on ships of western carriers.

In 1991 he started his own business activity – a sales and transport company. In 2002, 2006, and 2010 Janusz Żmurkiewicz was re-elected to the position of City Mayor, this time in direct elections.

He is a sports and automotive enthusiast, an active tennis player and skier. He has a taste for classical music, good films, and literature.

Wife – Zyta, a medical practitioner.

Daughter – Edyta MJur, a Judge of the District Court in Poznań.


The Mayor manages the City Hall and is the supervisor of the City Hall’s staff and managers of the City’s organisational units, as well as the supervisor of the District services, inspections, and guards.

The Mayor manages the City Hall by issuing Acts of internal management (Resolutions, organisational decisions, circular letters and professional orders).

The Mayor supervises the work of the City Hall’s organisational units with the assistance of his Deputies, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The organisational units subject to the Mayor’s supervision are the following: Legal Office, Human Resources Office, Office of Information and Social Consultation, Department of Crisis Management, City Guard, Independent Office for Classified Information Protection, Municipal Consumer Advocate, Internal Audit and Control Department, Independent Office for Classified Information Protection,  Independent Office for Maritime Economy (Fishing Base and Świnoujście Navigation), Department of Transport, Department of Citizen’s Affairs and Registry Office, and Municipal Geodesy Office.

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